January 18, 2003


Holy Shit! We're driving through Boulder, CO and man is it beautiful Woh, Matt just saw some tumbleweed! I wish I had a camera to take some pictures. I'm probably gonna get one today since we're getting our allowances today. We shall see how far I can stretch $40 over next week. It'll be a struggle to keep from buying new toys when I've got to eat. Me and Frankie were gonna go halfies on a loaf of bread and giant jars of peanut butter and jelly to keep us going through the week. We'll see if I don't buy toys first...

I wanted to take the time to thank all of you that have coming to the shows. You guys have treated us with nothing but kindness while we're onstage and off, and we truly appreciate that. Even those who don't know us have been rocking out and having a good time, and that's what music is all about. Gotta put another CD on to keep Matt awake! Salt Lake City, here we come! Oh, one last thing! You guys should make us mix tapes and CDs of your favorite bands for us to listen to on the road. We wanna know what you guys and gals are rocking out to! Thanks!!!