August 19, 2002

Trial by fire.

Such an amazing weekend. MCR would like to thank everyone who came out and supported us at any of the shows we played or all three. We'd like to thank Chuck Nasty and The Lawndarts for showing us an amazing time and having us at Maxwells. And to everyone who rocked out and was singing in the front, tearing the monitors off the stage, screaming, puking, throwing cameras - you guys know how to fucking party.

The highlight of our weekend was meeting and performing with Little Joe Gould at the Loop Lounge. This band is will never see anything like it and you'll never meet a nicer bunch of people. Just when we thought we at MCR had the lockdown on "evil" these guys came all the way from Indiana, schooled us, and lit the place on fire. Be sure to check them out this week at The Bloomfield Ave Stage and Cafe on Thursday with us, Sleep Station (another great Eyeball band) and Nola. The SHOWS section has more info, and please check these guys out while they're in town or you'll be missing a great performance.