July 30, 2002

Rexplex show on August 3rd! This is gonna be a fun time, so if you can come out, we'd appreciate you being there! There will be lots of other cool things to do besides listening to great tunes, so please make it out if you can! Also, we have a show on the 4th in Farmingdale, NY. This is gonna be another good one, so check out the Shows page for more info on these and other upcoming shows.

Cds should be popping up in stores this week. There was a slight delay caused by our manufacturer getting product to our distributor late, but everything is going smoothly now. You can also buy them from the Eyeball Records online shop. Apologies to those who have been waiting for the cd. We thank you for your patience.

New Photos have been put up, and a new song has been added to our mp3.com page. It takes a few days for the approval process, so it should be up shortly.

Lastly, buy the new Masters of the Universe figures. MCR fully endorses these products,although we don't get any free toys for doing so :-( Check out all the He-Man news here!